Hisatsugu Nakagawa Woodworks


家具材としての木だけでなく 雑木や端材・古材・枯れ木などあらゆる無垢の木が持つ様々な面白さや 楽しさのある表情をデザインと伝統的な技法で 木の持つ魅力を表現していきたいと考えています。

そして 作品は、その時が完成ではなく 使い手の方々と 使われる時間によって 限りなく完成に近づくものではないかと思っています。


I am using solid wood for design and production such as furniture, interior goods, objects, houses, shop interior decoration.

I use not only excellent trees as furniture materials but also any solid woods such as forest trees, end material, old materials and dead trees. There are also combinations of wood and various materials.

I would like to express the charm of wood with design and traditional Japanese techniques.

I believe that the work is not completed when it is in shape, but approaches completion as perfectly as possible depending on the user and time.

Hisatsugu Nakagawa